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All attendees MUST be a U.S. Citizen and submit their DD2345 Form information unless the attendee is a government employee with a valid government ID.
All contractors are considered Industry for registration purposes.

Proof of Citizenship is Mandatory


Attendee Registration Fee: $650

(Industry, Academia, and Government Contractors)

Government Registration Fee:  $400

(Attendee must present proper Government ID)
The conference fee covers attendance to the general session, handout material, exhibitor receptions, continental breakfasts, training and technical sessions as outlined in the Symposium agenda.


Admission into the TETS Symposium:

The papers and sessions scheduled to be presented at this Symposium will be governed by the rules and limitations of ITAR (U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations). The following Certification Requirements are mandatory for ALL Attendees and Exhibitors. Non-Government Attendees MUST have BOTH documents. All contractors are considered Industry for registration purposes.

1. Citizenship

Attendance is limited to U.S. Born or Naturalized Citizens (Green Cards are not accepted for admittance into the Symposium). All U.S. citizen attendees are required to sign the citizenship portion of the Turbine Engine Technology Symposium Registration Form.

Proof of U.S. Citizenship must be presented and verified at registration check-in (Required for ALL Attendees).

Please provide ONE of the valid documents:

  • Current U.S. Passport, or Passport Card
  • Raised seal U.S. Birth Certificate with government issued photo ID
  • AFRL "Blue Badge"
  • Government ONLY Valid CAC Card (See Image Below)

2. DD Form 2345 Certification along with Employee Verification

To determine if your employer already has a certification on file that extends to all employees at your location, visit the website at or call the Joint Certification Office at 1-877-352-2255. PLEASE NOTE: Every location of a company MUST have its own certification.

Information regarding the DD Form 2345 Certification Process
Government Attendees

All U.S. active duty military personnel and Government Civilian Employees are exempt from the following certification requirements, but must show proper identification at registration check-in.

Non-Government Attendees (Including Contractors)

To qualify to attend the conference, you must be a U.S. Citizen. All non-government attendees (including contractors) are required to have a government Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Logistics Information Service certified DD Form 2345. The certification number is provided by the U.S./Canada Joint Certification Office (JCO) located at the Logistics Information Services in Battle Creek, Michigan. This is the only authorized source of certification numbers.

Questions or Inquiries about your DD Form 2345 or the process to obtain a DD Form 2345, please contact the Joint Certification Office (JCO) at JCP-ADMIN@DLA.MIL or by phone at 877-352-2255.

Employee Verification

Your Facility Security Officer (FSO)/Data Custodian/HR’s approval will be REQUIRED for attendance to the symposium.

During the registration process, you will need to supply the name and email address of your FSO/Data Custodian/HR contact. An email will be sent to the FSO/Data Custodian/HR contact you supplied, so ensure you have entered the correct contact information on the registration form. A response from your FSO/Data Custodian/HR contact is REQUIRED for attendance to the symposium.



  • All non-government employee registrants must submit their DD2345 Certification with their registration. For more information on the DD2345 requirement, click here
  • Online registration will be discontinued at 12:00 PM EST on Wednesday, September 4, 2024. People wanting to register after this date must do so on-site at the Dayton Convention Center. Please consult the Agenda for registration times.
  • The Conference Registration Desk will open on Monday, September 9, 2024, at 7:00 AM. All attendees must first report to the registration desk to pick up their badge and other conference-related materials.


Online registrants will receive an initial confirmation notice that their registration has been received. Please ensure that registration information contains a current email address to ensure proper receipt of all confirmations and updates regarding this conference.


In the event that the conference would be canceled, all registration fees would be refunded.

If you must cancel your registration, cancellations must be received in writing and before August 26, 2024, to qualify for a refund. All cancellations will be assessed a processing fee of $75. Cancellations received after August 26, 2024, and attendee "no-shows," will not be eligible for a refund. However, substitutions may be made at any time without incurring a cancellation fee if the registration fee is transferred to the substituting party.

Cancellation notices may be emailed. Please make sure you indicate the meeting for which you are canceling (TETS 2024) and the full name and company of the attendee that is to be canceled.


For your protection, payments cannot be taken over the phone. All payment information must be submitted either during the initial registration process or through the link provided in the attendee registration confirmation.

Payment Methods:


ARCTOS Technology Solutions (ATTN: TETS 2024)

Mail Checks to:

TETS 2024
2601 Mission Point Blvd, Suite 300
Beavercreek, Ohio 45431

Receipt of payment will be disseminated electronically to the email address that is provided at the time of registration payment. Please Note: Electronic payment receipts may take up to 10 business days and, therefore, will not be sent with your registration confirmation.


Attendees - Business Casual
Military - Uniform of the Day


TETS 2024 Registration Desk
2601 Mission Point Blvd, Suite 300
Beavercreek, Ohio 45431


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